How to care for your silver jewelry

For your silver jewelry to look like the first day, it is important to know how to care for it. There are many factors that can make your jewelry dirty, but 925 Sterling Silver never loses its initial properties. So use them daily without fear of spoiling.

When you wash your hands with soap you make the silver also clean and polish. When you are cleaning, the jewelry is also cleaned, but there are some corrosive products such as bleach that are not advisable to use with the jewelry on. It is better that you take them off while using these. This will prevent a possible reaction and blackening of the silver.

■ A practical, quick and inexpensive method is to clean the jewelry with Aladdin Sidol (it comes in cotton). They sell it in almost all supermarkets. Once you have it, cut a small piece of the cotton and rub your silver jewelry. Finally, rinse the jewel with soap and water and dry it with a cloth or soft cloth. It is advisable to do this method with gloves, since the product is corrosive. Be careful if there are stones, it is better that the product does not touch the stone, as it could damage it.

■ Another easy way to clean your jewelry: Mix a few drops of hand soap with warm water in a container, insert the silver jewelry and let it rest for 10 minutes. With a cotton cloth, clean each piece gently.

■ In the market there are exclusive products and cloths to clean your silver jewelry.